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First halal baby food

Best for kids

Best for kids
Habibi baby food is halal food. It fully complies with the stringent Halal requirements for food

Preservatives, dyes, various flavor enhancers and flavors are strictly prohibited. The same applies to
GMOs, as well as the use of raw materials in which there are traces of it. When cultivating the fields,
herbicides and pesticides should not be used.

In addition to the benefits and taste, Habibi baby food is also distinguished by a variety of assortment.
Vegetable salad, apple, pear, turkey with vegetables - these tastes are unlikely to surprise the European
consumer. But oriental exotics, for example, couscous - an important ingredient in Arabic cuisine - is a
completely different matter.

Children enjoy eating delicious and healthy Habibi puree, learning the world of gourmet through a
variety of flavor combinations.
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